Misplaced Sympathy for Jane Doe’s Rapists

“Rape is unique in US society as a crime where the blighted future of the perpetrators counts for more than the victim’s. Statistics show that every 100 rapes in America results in only five felony convictions. It’s the only crime in which the level of intoxication of the victim is considered by some, like the convicted rapists’ lawyers and some in the media, to be mitigating evidence. It’s the only crime in which the perceived attractiveness of the perpetrators to other people or the victim is considered relevant information. It’s the only one in which we’re encouraged to sympathize with why perpetrators picked their victims – their supposed drunkenness, their clothes, their reputations – and then blame the victims for making themselves attractive targets.”




Mother Finds “Diet List” in her 7-Year-Old Daughters Bedroom

Australian mother of three Amy Cheney was cleaning her daughter’s room when she found this note “innocently sitting on the floor” amidst “Polly Pockets, friendship bracelets and a variety of other crap 7-year-olds love to hoard.”


Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters

Seth MacFarlane’s hosting at the Oscars was insulting beyond words. After the “boob song” which objectified not only the artists in the film, but more importantly their characters which were mostly RAPE/ABUSED VICTIMS, I know this guy is sick. Check out this article which calls out all his bullshit.