Sisters tied to the same path find each other in a world that seeks to hunt our kind, the feminists. Sent here by the fairy Balance, we must unite to exile all stereotypes, ignorance’s, and perpetuated falsehoods that try to stamp out our true magic and harmony with each other. Join us in this dangerous quest to recover the Lost Goddess, who was long ago beaten, abandoned, and forgotten by her brothers who in turn thought her powers sought to manipulate and destroy their hungry spirit. She must be restored so that peace is returned to our planet!! She lives in the depths of freedom and her name is Equality. We six writers of VOMNCK have been sisters for over ten years. Now the wind has blown our little seed selves throughout the globe but we plant and anchor and sprout and bloom on similar paths to progress, peace, and strength. VOMNCK is our way of sharing with each other our experiences, revelations, losses, discoveries, follies, firsts, lasts, and in between.

Dreamworlds 3


I cried…. watch the whole thing




Misplaced Sympathy for Jane Doe’s Rapists

“Rape is unique in US society as a crime where the blighted future of the perpetrators counts for more than the victim’s. Statistics show that every 100 rapes in America results in only five felony convictions. It’s the only crime in which the level of intoxication of the victim is considered by some, like the convicted rapists’ lawyers and some in the media, to be mitigating evidence. It’s the only crime in which the perceived attractiveness of the perpetrators to other people or the victim is considered relevant information. It’s the only one in which we’re encouraged to sympathize with why perpetrators picked their victims – their supposed drunkenness, their clothes, their reputations – and then blame the victims for making themselves attractive targets.”