A poem from Mother Witch

You annihilate me with your mouth
Like the ancients
We have discovered fire in each other’s nakedness
And wild shadow puppets dance on the wall
From the candlelight
From our entangled limbs, climbing, clutching
Like wet green vines
Frenzied, I map the landscape of your body with my tongue
Searching for your soul
You stab into me and
I am destroyed
Your hands reach into my chest and pull out my heart.
Place it on your tongue, mouth it like fruit.
In the warm cave of your mouth
I come apart in pieces of juice
Where our bodies meet, stars are born
We take flight, I swallow the earth and moon and sun,
We are the brightest star in the purple cape of night
And nothing else is left
But you
Dancing naked within me
To the music of our primal sounds


One thought on “A poem from Mother Witch

  1. This is amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the imagery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Favorites: wet, green vines; warm cave of your mouth; purple cape of night

    I literally felt this!

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