Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters

Seth MacFarlane’s hosting at the Oscars was insulting beyond words. After the “boob song” which objectified not only the artists in the film, but more¬†importantly¬†their characters which were mostly RAPE/ABUSED VICTIMS, I know this guy is sick. Check out this article which calls out all his bullshit.



My bed is a rotten rose.
Soft like cheese, the petals wrap around my cold skin and I am yellow once again.
There is no place for me but this sinking center.
I am a pink bitten rat,
sucking on the corner of my sheet like pudding.
I am spread between two breasts,
open and peeled back
lost in soggy, breathy abandon.
My reality is tender but in this sweating rose there is a comfort like dripping water.
Once I am creamy in sleep,
my body lifts like dust,
and I am taken toward the moon
in a cherry dripping with dreams.

– V